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Abandonware strategy games

Games based on strategy allow for reasoning and planning of one’s moves and actions. The gameplay may be based on player’s turns (Turn-based Strategy) or it may be in real time (Real-Time Strategy, RTS). These games focus on strategy and tactics rather than action, sometimes with the addition of financial or logistic features.

Recently added and trending strategy games

Dune Generations
strategyWindows XP/98/95
Dune 2000
strategyWindows XP/98/95
Star General
strategyWindows XP/98/95, DOS

Strategy games

  • spacecrusade-1
    DOS19924.1/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
  • space-hulk-3
    DOS19934.2/5 Electronic Arts

    Space Hulk is an abandoned real-time tactical strategy game set in the Warhammer  40000 universe, developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1993 for DOS and Amiga systems. In Space Hulk, the player is tasked with wiping out hordes of aliens by the means of a squad of Space Marines armored and armed to the teeth. Space Hulk is the adaptation...

  • spaceward-ho03
    Windows 3.xDOS19924/5 Delta Tao Software
  • spyvsspy3-4
    DOS19883.9/5 First Star Software
  • starcommand-4
    DOS1988protected4/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • starcontrol1-6
    DOS1990protected4/5 Toys for Bob
  • starcontrol2-11
    DOS1992protected4.2/5 Toys for Bob
  • starcontrol3_003
    DOS1996protected4/5 Legend Entertainment
  • starfleet1-battle-begins03
    DOSMac19853.8/5 Interstel Corporation
  • starfleet2-krellan-01
    DOS19894.5/5 Interstel Corporation
  • star-general-combo-02
    Windows XP/98/95DOS1996protected3.5/5 Catware, Inc.
  • starsaga-1
    DOS19873.6/5 Masterplay Publishing Corporation
  • star-saga-2-2
    DOS19893.9/5 Masterplay Publishing Corporation
  • star-wars-chess-01
    DOSWindows 3.x19933.6/5 Software Toolworks
  • star-wars-rebellion-05
    Windows XP/98/951998protected3.9/5
  • star-wars-battleground-07
    Windows XP/98/95Mac2001protected4.1/5 LucasArts

    Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is a science fiction real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe, focused both on the first and the second Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds was developed by LucasArts Entertainment in 2001. SWGB was developed using the Genie engine, the same used for Age of Empires.

  • starcraft-03
    Windows XP/98/95Mac1998protected4.2/5 Blizzard Entertainment

    StarCraft is a classic RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 1998 for Windows and Macintosh. StarCraft takes the Warcraft experience to a sci-fi setting with an interesting story, three very different races (the militaristic Humans, the alien Zerg and the religious Protoss) and one of the best gameplay ex...

  • steelpanthers-1
    DOS1995protected4.2/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • steel-panthers-3-06
    DOS1997protected4/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • stellarcrusade-1
    DOS1988protected4/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • stratego-02
    DOS19903.3/5 Accolade
  • strippoker2-2
    DOS1988NSFW4/5 Artworx Software
  • artworks-sp3-03
    DOS1991NSFW4/5 Artworx Software
  • stripdeluxe-2
  • strip-poker-professional-3
    DOS1994NSFW4.1/5 Artworx Software
  • strippoker-1
    DOS1985NSFW3.9/5 Artworx Software
  • stronghold-1
    DOS1993protected4/5 Stormfront Studios
  • supremacy-08
    DOS19904.1/5 Probe Entertainment

    Supremacy: You Will Be Done (also known simply as Overlord) is a rare example of mix between real-time strategy and science fiction themed 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploid, eXterminate). Supremacy was developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Mastertronic in 1990.

  • sword-of-aragon-05
    DOS1989protected4.1/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • sword-of-samurai-06
    DOS1989protected3.9/5 MicroProse Software