Abandonware DOS title

Coin-op conversions: from the arcades to your home

Arcades were extremely popular in the 80s and the 90s. Before poker machines and things like that, people used to go to pubs or arcades to play video games called coin ops (coin operated machines). Almost all of them were converted to consoles or home computers.

Most popular coin-op conversion games

Virtua Cop 2
shooterWindows XP/98/95
Bubble Bobble
Crazy Taxi
racingWindows XP/98/95

Coin-op conversion games

  • double-dribble-03
    DOS19903.7/5 Novotrade Software
  • dragons-lair-1-1
    DOS1989protected3.7/5 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media
  • dragons-lair-2-1
    DOS1990protected4.1/5 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media
  • dragon-lair-3-1
    DOS1992protected3.9/5 Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media
  • escape_from_the_planet_of_the_robot_monsters-06
  • exterminator-1
    DOS19903.5/5 The Assembly Line
  • forgotten-worlds-07
    DOS19914/5 Capcom
  • frogger-2
    DOS19834.2/5 Konami
  • galaxian-2
    DOS19834/5 Namco
  • gauntlet-1-02
    DOS19864.1/5 Mindscape
  • gauntlet2-1
    DOS19894.1/5 Atari
  • goldenaxe-3
    DOS19914.2/5 Sega
  • guerrilla-war-01
    DOS19873.5/5 SNK Corporation
  • hard-drivin-06
    DOS19903.7/5 Atari
  • heavy-barrel-02
    DOS19893.3/5 Data East
  • house-of-the-dead-2
    Windows XP/98/9519984.2/5 Sega

    House of the Dead is an old horror-themed rail shooter game, developed and released by Sega in 1998. The whole gameplay can be summarized in a single sentence "a first-person 3D shooting gallery with zombies". House of the Dead runs on older version of Windows, so you may need a virtual machine to play it properly.

  • ikari-warriors-2-03
    DOS19883.5/5 SNK Corporation
  • indianatempledoom-1
  • ironmanoffroad-6
    DOS19904.2/5 Leland

    Ivan 'Iron Man' Stewart's Super Off Road is an abandoned diagonal-down off-road racing game developed by Leland and released by Virgin Interactive in 1990 for DOS, but also published for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64, ZX Spectrum and a lot of 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. Super Off Road is a classic fixed-screen track-racing similar to S...

  • jackal-03
    DOS19894.2/5 Konami
  • joe-mac-ninja-03
    DOS19914.4/5 Data East
  • joust-vga-03
  • karnov-02
    DOS19873.4/5 Data East
  • kingdom-far-reaches-01
    Windows XP/98/95Mac1995protected3.8/5 Virtual Image Productions
  • klax-1
    DOS19903.8/5 Atari
  • konami-ping-pong-02
    DOS19963.3/5 Konami
  • magic-johnson-basket-01
    DOS19893.3/5 Sculptured Software
  • marble-madness-03
    DOS19873.7/5 Atari

    Marble Madness is an abandoned isometric action game designed by Mark Cerny and originally published by Atari as a successful and iconic arcade game. It was later converted for many platform in 1986 and for IBM PCs in 1987 by Atari.

  • mortalkombat1-3
    DOS1993protected4.3/5 Midway Manufacturing Company

    Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular 1 on 1 fighting games. No wonder it spawned many sequels. You can play as one of the seven digitized characters and must fight everyone else to the top. One of the distinctive features of Mortal Kombat is the fatality: a special move to finish off the adversary.

  • mortalkombat2-4
    DOS1994protected4.1/5 Midway Manufacturing Company