Abandonware DOS title

Games made with the M.A.D.S. engine, by Microprose

The M.A.D.S. engine was developed by Microprose and stands for Microprose Adventure Development System.

Most popular Engine: M.A.D.S. games



DOS1994protecteddemo4/5 MicroProse Software
Dragonsphere is a point-and-click adventure game released in 1994 by MicroProse. It's set in a fantasy world where you play as a sorcerer named Callash, tasked with saving the land of Granville from an evil sorceress named Sanwe. The game involves exploring various locations, solving puzzles, and interacting with characters to gather magical sphere...

Once Upon a Forest

DOS19953.9/5 Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation

Return of the Phantom

DOS1993protecteddemo3.7/5 MicroProse Software
Return of the Phantom is adventure game set in France, designed by Raymond Benson, developed by MicroProse Software and released in 1993 for DOS only. Return of the Phantom is a third-person adventure game based on the book Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

Rex Nebular and the cosmic gender-bender

DOS1992protected3.9/5 MicroProse Software
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