Abandonware DOS title

Unconventional sports: fantasy, futuristic, etc.

The mix between sports, video games and eccentric game designers sometimes lead to weird results. If a sports video game it's not usually played in real life (or not at all), you can find it on this page: futuristic sports, fantasy sports, even satirical sports.

Recently added and trending unconventional sports games

California Games
Bar Games
California Games 2
  • 10thframe-4
    DOS19874/5 Access Software
  • 3d-cyber-blaster-03
    DOS1992remake4/5 HomeBrew Software
  • 3d_cyberpuck-06
    DOS19923.3/5 HomeBrew Software
  • allan-border-cricket-01
    DOS19934/5 Audiogenic
  • americangladiators-1
    DOS19923.1/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • archery-01
  • awesome-earl-skate-03
  • ballistix-05
    DOS19893.8/5 Reflections Interactive
  • bar-games-01
    DOS19893.9/5 Accolade
  • bc-race-05
    DOS1995freeware3.9/5 Core Design

    BC Racers is a DOS unconventional (to say the least) racing game that features a prehistoric theme, designed by Martin Gibbons, developed and published by Core Design in 1955. It's the third game in the Chuck Rock series, the first two being platformers not available for PC.

  • boot-camp-02
    DOS19893/5 Konami
  • brutal-sports-football-1
    DOS19934.2/5 Teque
  • buffalo-bill-rodeo-02
    DOS19893/5 Tynesoft Computer Software
  • californiagames-5
    DOS19884.1/5 Epyx
  • california-games-2-02
    DOS19903.6/5 Epyx
  • caveman-ugh-limpics-06
    DOS19894.5/5 Dynamix
  • circus-attraction-04
    DOS19893.9/5 Golden Goblins
  • disc-1
    DOS19903/5 Loriciels
  • duck-hunt-03

    Duck Hunt is a faithful remake based on the original light gun game Duck Hunt published by Nintendo in 1984. Duck Hunt was a shooting gallery game with a straightforward gameplay: use your gun to shoot down ducks. If you fail to shoot enough birds, the game ends.

  • fiendish-freddy-04
    DOS19892.9/5 Gray Matter
  • grandmonsterslam-2
    DOS19894/5 Golden Goblins
  • knight-games-05
    DOS19883.9/5 Mastertronic

    Olympic games were something back in the 80s and the 90s: Winter Games, Summer Games, California Games, anything-you-can-think-of games. Some imaginative developer thought that the world needed a different kind of "multisport" action game and came up with he idea behind Knight Games.

  • muds-6
    DOS19904/5 Golden Goblins
  • masterblazer-03
    DOS1991remake4/5 Rainbow Arts
  • shufflepuck-cafe-04
    DOSMac19893.5/5 Broderbund
  • skateordie-5
    DOS19884.3/5 Electronic Arts

    Skate or Die is an abandoned sports game, developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1988 for DOS and a number of other platforms. Skate or Die is a multi-sport kind of game, including every kind of unconventional "sport" done on skateboard. A sequel, Ski or Die, was released an year later.

  • slam-01
    Windows 3.x19933.9/5
  • solarhockey-1
    DOS19923.5/5 Bethesda Softworks
  • speedball-1
    DOS19884.2/5 Bitmap Brothers
  • speedball2-4
    DOS19924.1/5 Bitmap Brothers