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Games involving detective work, murder mysteries, etc.

A murder to solve! A criminal to apprehend! Detective and mistery games have the recipe for a perfect crime story. Police investigations, finding clues, mysterious killings, a noir atmosphere are all ingredients that makes a good detective / mystery game worth playing. The Police Quest series, the Tex Murphy series, games based on Sherlock Holmes are just some of the most popular detective games ever published in the last century.

Recently added and trending detective, mystery games

Blade Runner
adventureWindows XP/98/95, Linux
Cruise for a Corpse
  • 1893-world-fair-04
    Windows XP/98/95Mac20033.8/5
  • baker-street-2
    DOS19864/5 Datasoft

    221B Baker Street is a turn-based strategy strategy game developed by Datasoft. 221B Baker Street is base on the tabletop game of the same name "221B Baker Street" and it plays in a very similar way, with dices, etc.

  • amnesia-3
    DOS19864/5 Cognetics corporation
  • anachronox-06
    Windows XP/98/952001protected4.1/5 Ion Storm
  • ballyhoo-1
    DOS19863.5/5 Infocom
  • blackstar-agent-05
  • blade-runner-10
    Windows XP/98/95Linux1997protected4.2/5 Westwood Studios

    Blade Runner is one of those point & click adventure games that somewhat manages to fully capture the spirit of a cult movie without copying the original plot. Fans of the Blade Runner movie will enjoy this game, even without Harrison Ford.

  • blue-force-1
    DOS19934.2/5 Tsunami Media
  • borrowed-time-04
    DOS19853.7/5 Interplay Productions

    Borrowed Time is a graphic adventure video game developed and published by Interplay Productions. It was released in 1985 for various platforms, including the Apple Macintosh, Apple II, DOS, and Atari ST. The game is notable for its early use of digitized photos and a noir-style detective narrative.The game's story is set in the 1930s and foll...

  • circuitsedge-2
    DOS19904.1/5 Westwood Studios

    Circuit's Edge is a single-player science fiction blend of adventure game and RPG, developed by Westwood Studios and released by Infocom in 1990. Circuit's Edge is based on George Alec Effinger's cyberpunk novel "When Gravity Fails".

  • clue-master-detective-03
    DOS19894.2/5 Dalali Software

    Clue Master Detective is an abandoned strategy game developed by Dalali Software and released by Leisure Genius in 1989 for DOS, Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, C64. Clue Master Detective is based on the well known board game Clue (also known as Cluedo). Clue can be played in single player, but the best gaming experience come from the multi-player mode.

  • corruption-0002
    DOS19884/5 Magnetic Scrolls
  • crime-city-05
  • cruise-for-a-corpse-5
    DOS19914/5 Delphine software
  • daughter-of-serpents-01
    DOS19924/5 Eldritch Games
  • deadline-2
    DOS19823.8/5 Infocom
  • defender-boston-05
  • deja-vu-2-2
    DOS19904.1/5 ICOM Simulations
  • deja-vu-1-4
    DOS19874/5 ICOM Simulations
  • eagleeyemystlondon-4
    DOS19944/5 Stormfront Studios
  • eagle-eye-mysteries1-01
    DOS19933.9/5 Stormfront Studios
  • earthlydelights-1
    DOS19843.6/5 Datamost
  • escapedelirium-5
    DOS19953.9/5 Virtual X-Perience
  • fascination-4
    DOS1991NSFW3.9/5 Coktel Vision
  • felony-02
    DOS19843/5 BrainBank
  • fish-01
    DOS19883.8/5 Magnetic Scrolls
  • gumboots-australia-02
    DOS19903.7/5 Reckon Software
  • hugo2-02
    DOS1991protected3.6/5 Gray Design Associates
  • igor_objective_uuklaonia-02
    DOS19953.5/5 Péndulo Studios
  • in-the-dead-of-night-08
    DOS19953.6/5 Trecision