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File management tools

Back in the DOS days, copying, moving, deleting and compressing files wasn't an easy task. File management software was widely available, but sometimes it was a collection of command line executables: not for the casual PC user. Some of the most popular file management programs were: PKzip, Arj, Lha (for file compression), Norton Commander, DOS Zip Commander (for file management).

Most popular file management games

Norton Commander 5.5
Norton Desktop
DOS Navigator v 1.5

File management games

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  • dos-navigator-1-01
  • doszipcommander-1
  • lha-1
  • norton-commander-1-04
    DOS19863.4/5 Peter Norton Computing

    Norton Commander was a file manager and editor application released by Peter Norton Computing for DOS. Norton Commander used a text-based user interface with side-by-side panels and featured copy, delete, editing and preview any kind of file easily: it was an improvement over the command-line only MS-DOS interface. Norton Commander 1.0 was fir...

  • nortoncommander-5
    DOS19984.2/5 Peter Norton Computing

    Norton Commander was one of the most popular file manager applications ever released for MS DOS. Its clever side-by-side windows interface and the ease of use allowed DOS users to copy, delete, move and preview any kind of file without the hassle of typing every command by hand. Norton Commander was first released in 1986, but the latest and final ...

  • norton-desktop1-02
    DOS19923.8/5 Peter Norton Computing
  • pkunzip-1
    DOS1989protected4/5 PKware
  • rawcopy-01
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