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Games set during the American civil war

The American Civil War took place in the 19th century and saw the United States of America fight against the Confederate States of America. As you can probably imagine, US based developers that were into historical strategy games created more than one game based on the American Civil War.

Most popular american civil war games


Battle of Antietam

DOS1985protected3.6/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.

Decision at Gettysburg

DOS19903.7/5 TigLon Software

Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 1

DOS19884/5 SSG Strategic Studies Group

Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 2

DOS19893.9/5 SSG Strategic Studies Group

Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Vol. 3

DOS19923.5/5 SSG Strategic Studies Group

No Greater Glory

DOSMac OS1991protected4.1/5

North and South

DOS19904.2/5 Infogrames

The Civil War

DOS19953.5/5 Dagger Interactive Technologies

The Civil War

DOS19873.3/5 Avalon Hill

UMS: The Universal Military Simulator

DOSMac OS19884.1/5 Intergalactic Development
UMS, short for Universal Military Simulator, is a computer-based wargame simulation developed by Rainbird Software in 1988. It was designed with the intention of providing players with a comprehensive and realistic military simulation experience.The game allows players to engage in strategic and tactical warfare across various scenarios and battlef...
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