Abandonware DOS title

Abandoned Apple Mac classic games

Traditionally, Macs haven't been the first choice for avid gamers. There was no shortage of games, but the cost of a Mac adequate for serious games has always been higher than the PC equivalent. Why buy a Mac when you can have a cheaper PC to play your favourite games?

Things are changing, but here on Abandonware DOS we are focused on retro gaming. Unlike Linux, there was no shortage of popular titles in the early years of video gaming (I'm talking about the 80s and the 90s).

Let's not forget that there are valid DOS emulators for Mac: Boxer is one of the most popular. Here is a short list of abandoned games published for Mac that are considered to be among the best by you gamers as voted on Abandonware DOS.

  • alternative-reality-02
    rpg1988 Paradise Programming
  • broken-sword-1-01
    adventure2009 Revolution Software
  • caesar-3-09
    simulation1998 Impressions Games
  • capitalism-2-01
    simulation2001 Ensemble Studios

    Capitalism 2 is simulation game designed by Trevor Chan, developed by Ensemble Studios and released by UBI Soft in 2001 for Windows and Macintosh. Capitalism 2 is the quintessential capitalistic simulation and involves stock exchange, business management, marketing, etc.

  • castles2-3
    strategy1992 Quicksilver Software
  • colonization-6
    strategy1994 MicroProse Software

    Colonization is a turn-based strategy 4x game developed and published by MicroProse in 1994 for DOS, Windows 3.1, Linux and Mac. The setting is the European Colonization of the New World. Colonization gameplay and interface are similar to Civilization, another Sid Meier game. However, there are some differences between Civilization and Colonization: playable nations (European powers), resources and commodities, declaration of independence, etc.

  • freddy-pharkas-04
    adventure1993 Sierra On-Line

    Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist is a comedy point & click adventure game set in the old American West designed by Al Lowe and Josh Mandel, developed and released by Sierra On-Line in 1993 for DOS, Windows and Macintosh. Initially released on floppy, Freddy Pharkas was later re-released on CD-ROM as a new edition.

  • gobliiins-3
    adventure1991 Coktel Vision

    Gobliiins is a peculiar adventure game designed by Pierre Gilhodes, developed by French company Coktel Vision and released by Sierra On-Line in 1991 for DOS, Mac, Amiga and Atari ST. In Gobliiins, you control multiple goblins and you must find a way to progress to the next area by solving typical adventure puzzles. The story is almost non-existent.

  • jagged-alliance-2-04
    strategy1999 Sir-tech Software

    I'm a fan of the original X-COM. I think it's one of the best turn-based tactics games ever released for DOS. Unfortunately, games like X-COM are not many. Jagged Alliance 2 has a similar tactical component: you give turn-based orders to a team of mercenaries, mission after mission. There's no management component (at least not as extensive as in the X-COM series). The setting is quite unusual to gamers like me, used to fantasy or science fiction: Jagged Alliance 2 takes place on a fictional south american country. I'm sure I'm not the only one that loved Jagged Alliance 2. If you didn't play it yet and you love team-based tactics, go buy it immediately.

  • loderunner-1
    action1983 Broderbund
  • loom-11
    adventure1990 LucasArts

    Loom is one of the first graphic adventures released by Lucasfilm Games. It was designed by Brian Moriarty and it follows a fantasy theme. There's no inventory and it lacks classic commands like "look", "take", etc. You can play tunes using a combination of notes in order to interact with the world.

  • maniacmansion-1
    adventure1987 LucasArts

    Maniac Mansion is one of the most famous point and click adventure games developed by Lucasfilm Games and designed by Ron Gilbert (who later created Monkey Island) and Gary Winnick. The story is a blend of old sci-fi and horror B movie. You can choose between many characters, each one with a peculiar ability useful to solve some of the puzzles. Maniac Mansion was also the first game to use the popular SCUMM interface.

  • moo3-07
    strategy2003 Quicksilver Software
  • nox-04
    rpg2000 Westwood Studios
  • phantasmagoria-02
    adventure1995 Sierra On-Line
  • populos2-4
    strategy1993 Bullfrog

    Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods is an old sandbox strategy god-game. As the title suggests, the setting is more of less ancient Greek mythology and you're a god (hence the god-game label). Populous 2 is the sequel of the much acclaimed Populous, designed by Peter Molineaux. Populous 2 was developed by Bullfrog and published by Electronic Arts in 1993 for PC and Mac.

  • princeofpersia4d-4
    action1990 Broderbund

    Prince of Persia is an abandoned DOS platform game set in Middle East, developed and released by Broderbund in 1990. Designer Jordan Mechner created a game that made a lasting impression of gamers thanks to a clever use of a tecnique called rotoscoping which makes the animation of the protagonist very realistic.

  • rogue-1
    rpg1984 Artificial Intelligence Design

    Rogue is one of the first RPGs in the history of video gaming. It's a text-based dungeon crawler in which you have to fight your way in the dungeon to recover the Amulet of Yendor. Rogue became popular around 1980 on mainframes and later ported to various platforms, including DOS in 1984. Rogue is simply the father of all the roguelike games that came later.

  • spacequest1-3
    adventure1986 Sierra On-Line

    Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter is an abandoned adventure game designed by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, developed by Sierra On-Line and released in 1986 for DOS. Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter is the first game in the Space Quest series with protagonist the clumsy Roger Wilco and it's one of the most popular AGI adventures created by Sierra in a time when point & click wasn't invented yet.

  • spiderman-2-02
    action-adventure2004 -
  • system-shock-2-07
    action-adventure1999 Irrational Games

    System Shock 2 is a Windows science fiction cyberpunk game developed by Irrational Games, designed by Ken Levine and published by Electronic Arts in 1999. System Shock 2 is a blend of more than one genre: RPG, action-adventure, shooter, stealth game.

  • lara-croft-2-06
    action-adventure1997 Core Design
  • toonstruck-02
    adventure1996 Virgin Interactive
  • wing-commander-3-04
    vehicle simulation1994 Origin Systems
  • zork-nemesis-01
    adventure1996 Zombie Studios