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Abandonware DOS retro gaming spotlight

  • Old school: first-person party-based CRPGs

    Old school: first-person party-based CRPGs

    28th December 2019RPG
    Party-based role-playing games with a first person perspective became popular after the release of Dungeon Master in 1989. Before Dungeon Master only a handful RPGs used first person, the Bard's Tale and Wizardry series among others. Dungeon Master managed to create a very neat user interface without sacrificing the gameplay.Some ...
  • Death Sword (AKA Barbarian): the art of fighting slowly

    Death Sword (AKA Barbarian): the art of fighting slowly

    21st December 2019action
    Death Sword (also known as Barbarian in Europe), is a fighting game developed by Palace Software, set in a fantasy world full of huge sword-wielding barbarians. Compared to modern brawlers, Death Sword gameplay may seem slow, but at the time it was considered adequate. Instead of rushing into multiple chain ...
  • GOG Winter Sale

    GOG Winter Sale

    13th December 2019deals and free games
    The GOG Winter Sale is here! And this year, GOG is giving away Wasteland 2 (developed by inXile Entertainment). I'm sure many of you retrogamers, remember the first Wasteland, one of the few post-apocalyptic RPGs for DOS.
  • Simulation games: Team Yankee, Hill Street Blues, Epic and more

    Simulation games: Team Yankee, Hill Street Blues, Epic and more

    13th December 2019simulation
    Simulation and vehicle simulation games are often the least remembered video game genres by retro gamers. While many simulations did achieve a certain degree of success back in the day, quite a few fell in the dark pit of forgotten retro games. Let's see how many of these you can ...
  • Play abandoned roguelike RPGs in your browser

    Play abandoned roguelike RPGs in your browser

    30th November 2019play online
    Roguelikes are peculiar kind of RPG that always intrigued me. Permadeath and procedurally generated dungeons means a very high replayability. The history of roguelikes has its roots in the early age of video gaming. The first roguelike dates back to the 70s!Abandonware DOS hosts a few good old roguelikes, ...
  • A niche genre: Metroidvania

    A niche genre: Metroidvania

    23rd November 2019action, adventure
    Metroidvania is a made up word born from the merge of two game series titles: Metroid and Castlevania. Both games share gameplay and design elements that defines the genre. Metroidvania games are platform games featuring a game world that is freely explorable. Certain areas can be accessed only with player ...
  • Hard Drivin' in vector graphics

    Hard Drivin' in vector graphics

    16th November 2019racing
    "Hard Drivin', a fast moving, solid-filled vector graphic racing game, gave you the chance to compete against the clock on two separate tracks: a speed track and a stunt track. And for those skilled enough to get a good enough time on either of these, there was a championship ...
  • Windows 3.1 classic games

    Windows 3.1 classic games

    8th November 2019top games and awards
    Long before the first successful Windows operating systems, Microsoft developed Windows 3.1 (an "operating environtment"). Games that ran under Windows 3.1 weren't so many. In fact, most of them are little more than puzzle games, card games and simple strategy games. That doesn't mean Windows 3.1 lacked good games; in fact, a few ...
  • GOG Halloween Sale

    GOG Halloween Sale

    31st October 2019deals and free games
    Every year GOG hosts an Halloween Sale with lots of scary games on sale. Some of the games on sale this year are: Blood 2, Alan Wake, Sunless Sea, The Last Door, F.E.A.R., the Blackwell Bundle, Gabriel Knight series, Grim Dawn, Grim Fandango, Still Life, the whole Witcher ...
  • Lesser known old school RPGs for DOS

    Lesser known old school RPGs for DOS

    19th October 2019RPG
    Ultima, Wizardry, Fallout, Might & Magic are among the most popular old school RPGs that every RPG fan played or know something about. However, lots of RPGs published in the distant past never reached a wide popularity. Some the RPGs uploaded today on Abandonware DOS are not exactly well known, ...
  • Minesweeping at the office

    Minesweeping at the office

    29th September 2019puzzle
    The Microsoft Windows 3.x family of operating environment wasn't known for games, but it popularized the Windows software pretty much everywhere. One of the best known Windows 3.x games was Minesweeper.Minesweeper was a simple puzzle game that required the player to clear a field full of mines and numbers ...
  • GOG Interstellar Sale: Freespace 2 for free

    GOG Interstellar Sale: Freespace 2 for free

    26th September 2019deals and free games
    GOG is selling a lot of sci-fi themed games set in space in its latest sale: the Interstellar Sale. It's time to get back into your spaceship and explore the GOG galaxy, wallet in hand. Go to GOG.com and get the X-series, Space Quest, Space Empires, Stellaris, BattleTech, Wing ...
  • From the arcades: coin-operated conversions

    From the arcades: coin-operated conversions

    24th September 2019action
    There was a time when coin-operated games were constantly being converted for home systems. Now coin-ops are really difficult to find and everyone prefer playing from home, online or offline, without the hassle of driving/walking to an arcade and lose coin after coin into those hellish money-eating machines. I ...
  • Sports: American Football games

    Sports: American Football games

    13th September 2019sports
    American Football is a sport that received much attention from developers in the past decades, expecially from american ones. There are american football games of every kind: realistic sports simulations, management strategic games and of course action games.
  • Strategy games: Battle Bugs, Beyond Columns, Roadwar Europa and more

    Strategy games: Battle Bugs, Beyond Columns, Roadwar Europa and more

    10th September 2019strategy
    Lately I'm taking some time to update the info of some of the less popular games on Abandonware DOS. Here's a few:Beyond ColumnsFalling block puzzle - Released in 1989 for DOS. This blatant Columns clone is not much in terms of graphics, but it fills an empty spot in the ...
  • Play interactive fiction online in your browser

    Play interactive fiction online in your browser

    7th September 2019play online
    Interactive fiction is a niche genre. It was more popular in the 80s, when software houses like Infocom, Level 9, Legend Entertainment developed "text adventures" en masse. There is an active IF scene and, thanks to modern interpreters, it's easy (and often free) to play modern interactive fiction games.Abandonware DOS ...
  • Chris Crawford: game designer

    Chris Crawford: game designer

    4th September 2019simulation, strategy
    Chris Crawford is a computer game designer known for simulations and strategy games, including the popular Balance of Power. Among developers he became known for his passionate advocacy of game design as an art form, founding both The Journal of Computer Game Design and the Computer Game Developers Conference (now ...
  • Action games: Platoon, Moonwalker, TekWar, Strider and more

    Action games: Platoon, Moonwalker, TekWar, Strider and more

    30th August 2019action
    From time to time I browse the Abandonware DOS database looking for not very popular games that need an update. Here are some action games (platformers, shooters, sports games) I just updated with new content.Tag Team WrestlingSports / Action - Developed by Technos Japan - Published by Data East in 1996 ...
  • Video games can educate people

    Video games can educate people

    23rd August 2019adventure, simulation
    Educational games are a peculiar kind of video games of various genres. Gameplay, graphics and sound are still important aspects of educationals, but the mail goal of the developer is to teach the player something: math, history, ecology, anything! Some educationals are created with a young audience in mind, other ...
  • Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries

    Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries

    18th August 2019shooter, simulation
    "The graphics are enhanced, the gameplay is faster and more dynamic and the net play fully incorporated. MW2 fans will be very pleased with the upgrades and those new to the MW2 universe will enhoy a well paced game with superb graphics and cut-scenes. Just make sure you have ...