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Wednesday, 1st January 2020

Abandonware DOS in 2019: what's changed and what's new

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who donated a few bucks to help me keep working on Abandonware DOS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and again THANK YOU!

In 2019 I changed the way that I usually add content on Abandonware DOS. This means that it takes me less time to add games, take screenshots, add articles, etc.

As for everything else... here's a quick list of some work what I've done this year on Abandonware DOS:

  • Finally finished writing the descriptions of (almost) every keyword.
  • Revamped the statistics page.
  • Added a "Featured document" box in the homepage.
  • Added the "also published for" field with info about other platforms.
  • Tweaked and cleaned the web design across all pages.
  • Decided to drop a lot of "additional details" taken from Wikipedia to lower the quantity of non-original text on Abandonware DOS (that should improve SEO).
  • Added a lot of "retro reviews": short excerpts of reviews published on old magazines decades ago or taken from defunct video gaming sites.
  • Company details pages were in fact two for each company: one for developed games and one for published games. Now there's only a single page for each company, listing both developed and published games.
  • Merged both the list of developers and publishers into a single companies list.
  • Remade the game designers section: new info, more games.
  • Re-created every single miniature image making them slightly bigger.
  • Redone the "play online" pages. I replaced the existing javascript code with the latest version of the Emularity libraries for better performance and compatibility.
  • Dropped the whole subgenre system in favor of tags and keywords.
  • Reached the "1900 games online" milestone!
  • Added splash screens for a lot of games
  • I also started to update info and downloads for the very first games I uploaded on Abandonware DOS a long time ago.

That's all!

Unfortunately a death in my family took away a lot of my free time, so I was unable to work more on Abandonware DOS.

I hope you like the state of Abandonware DOS today. I planned quite a few features for 2020... but the main focus will be: more content, more games.