Abandonware DOS title

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The Temple of Apshai Trilogy is a series of classic role-playing games developed by Automated Simulations (later known as Epyx) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These games were among the earliest examples of computer-based RPGs and were influential in shaping the genre.
The "Temple of Apshai Trilogy" was notable for its depth of gameplay and intricate dungeon design, despite the limitations of early computer technology. It offered players a rich role-playing experience and laid the groundwork for many RPGs that followed.

How to play Temple of Apshai Trilogy

To slow down the game emulation press CTRL+F11, to speed up the game press CTRL+F12. Press Escape (ESC) to exit fullscreen mode.
Input: keyboard
Game modes: single-player
Temple of Apshai Trilogy runs in your browser thanks to the Emularity library.

More about Temple of Apshai Trilogy

Status: abandonware

Genre: rpg

Released in: 1985

Publisher: Epyx

Developer: Epyx

Download Temple of Apshai Trilogy and play it on your computer. An emulator is needed in order to play older games.