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NetHack is a free text-based rpg game , released in 1987. NetHack runs on DOS. NetHack is part of the NetHack game series.
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Status: freeware

Input: keyboard

Abandonware DOS views: 11625

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  • latogato - 11/08/2018 21:31
    Nethack is awesome, but super hard because without a guide or a wiki it takes ages to figure out everything.

    At low levels it is easy to die because of the low HP, but at higher level you have plenty HP to resolve a situation. Most causes of death comes from special monster attacks and the the lack of proper knowledge, aka YASD or yet another stupid death.

    But i wrote this comment because of the following: nethack is updated again, so the current version when i wrote this is 3.6.1. Please update the download file or just add a link to the nethack.org where people can download the latest version. Awesome site btw. :)
  • AbandonwareDOS - 14/05/2017 09:10
    Thanks for the review Lord Bucket! I see I'm not the only one to play lots of roguelikes...
  • LordBucket - 13/05/2017 11:33
    Nethack is a super popular classic among roguelikes, but as someone who's player a lot of roguelikes, personally I find it to be fairly flawed. You will never, ever beat this game...or even progress very far without consulting a guide. The game is completely dependant on gimmicks that you just have to know about in order to get anywhere. If you try to play it as an RPg where you progress and get strong, you will fail. It can't be played that way. In fact, monsters scale to your level, so making yourself "stronger" quickly results in being completely overwhelmed by monsters you can't possibly beat. If you want to spend hours reading through complicated guides tellng you exactly what to do and what not to do, Nethack is your game. If you want a more typical progression roguelike experience, try Moria, ToME2, Angband, etc. instead.
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