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First person 3D viewpoint games sorted by release date

Games with first person 3D perspective represent the environment using all three spatial dimensions. The action is seen from a first-person point of view. FPS (First-person shooters) make extensive use of first-person 3D.

Most popular first person 3D applications

Virtua Cop 2
shooterWindows XP/98/95
Black & White
strategyWindows XP/98/95

First person 3D applications

  • bram-stoker-dracula-02
    DOS19934/5 Psygnosis
  • catacomb-armageddon-03
    DOS1993protected3.7/5 Softdisk Publishing
  • coaster-07
  • cyberrace-02
    DOS19933.6/5 Cyberdreams
  • dogfight-5
    DOS19934.1/5 Vektor graphics
  • doom-3
    DOS1993protected4.2/5 id software
  • dungeonhack-5
    DOS1993protected4.2/5 DreamForge Intertainment

    Dungeon Hack, based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is a first person dungeon crawl. You can create your one-man party and generate a random the dungeon everytime you start from scratch. Dungeon Hack gameplay is very similar to the Eye of the beholder series.

  • evasiveaction-1
    DOS19934/5 Particle Systems
  • eye-of-the-storm-04
    DOS19932.4/5 Rebellion Developments
  • frontier-1
    DOS19934.1/5 Frontier Developments

    Frontier: Elite II is a classic space simulation and trading game released in 1993, developed by David Braben and his company Frontier Developments. Frontier is the sequel to the pioneering 1984 game Elite and is often considered a landmark title in the space simulation genre.

  • inextremis-1
    DOS19933.5/5 Blue sphere
  • kens-labyrinth-05
  • lethal-tender-02
    DOS19934.1/5 Pie in the Sky Software
  • nomad-02
    DOS19934.1/5 Papyrus Design Group
  • protostar-07
    DOS19934.1/5 Tsunami Media
  • seal-team-03
    DOS19934.1/5 Electronic Arts
  • shadowcaster-05
    DOS19934.1/5 Raven Software

    ShadowCaster is a first-person action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Raven Software and published by Origin Systems. It was released in 1993 for MS-DOS and later for other platforms such as Amiga and FM Towns.The storyline of ShadowCaster follows Kirt, who discovers that he has the ability to transform into various creature forms. As Kirt ex...

  • xwing-6
    DOS1993protected4.1/5 LucasArts
  • strike-commander-04
    DOS1993protected4.3/5 Origin Systems

    Strike Commander is combat flight simulation game created by Chris Roberts (the designer behind Wing Commander) and Jeff George. Strike Commander was developed by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts in 1993 for DOS.

  • terminatorrampage-3
    DOS19934/5 Bethesda Softworks
  • tornado-desert-storm-03
    DOS1993protected4.3/5 Digital Integration
  • uu2-4
    DOS1993protected4.1/5 Looking Glass Studios
  • xenobots-03
    DOS19934/5 NovaLogic
  • wingcomacademy-3
    DOS1993protected3.8/5 Origin Systems
  • privateer-5
    Windows XP/98/95DOSMac1993protected4.1/5 Origin Systems
  • 1942pacific-5
    DOS1994protected4.1/5 MicroProse Software
  • armoredfist-2
    DOS19944/5 NovaLogic
  • blake-stone-planet-strike-05
    DOS1994protected4.2/5 JAM Productions
  • corridor-7-03
    DOS1994protected4/5 Capstone
  • dawn-patrol-06
    DOS19944.4/5 Rowan Software