Abandonware DOS title

Science fiction games

Time travel, space wars, alien empires, alternate universe, cyberpunk anti-heroes, space invaders, post-apocalyptic worlds, dystopian societies, mad scientists, galaxies far far away, strange new worlds, mech battles, deep space exploration, evil robots... should I go on?

Most popular science fiction games

Dune 2000
strategyWindows XP/98/95
Mega Man X4
shooterWindows XP/98/95
Star Wars: Yoda Stories
action-adventureWindows XP/98/95

Science fiction games

  • ghostb2-1
    DOS19893.7/5 Dynamix

    Ghostbusters 2 is an abandoned action game based on the movie of the same name, set in New York. Ghostbusters 2 was developed by Dynamix and released by Activision in 1989. It's part of a series of games based on the popular Ghostbuster franchise, being the olny one developed for DOS.

  • golden-eagle-02
    DOS19914/5 Loriciels
  • ground-control-09
    Windows XP/98/952000protected4.2/5 Massive Entertainment

    Ground Control is a strategy game developed by Massive Entertainment and released by Sierra On-Line in 2000. More precisely Ground Control is a real time tactical game with a sci-fi setting.

  • guardinfinity-1
    DOS1988protected3.5/5 Paragon Software
  • guilty-2
    DOS19954.1/5 Divide by zero
  • hacker-4
    DOSMac19864/5 Activision
  • halloween-harry-06
    DOS1993freeware4.1/5 Interactive Binary Illusions

    Halloween Harry is a DOS science fiction multi-directional scroller shooter game. Halloween Harry - later renamed Alien Carnage - was published by Apogee, developed by Interactive Binary Illusions and designed by John Passfield and Robert Crane.

  • hardnova-9
    DOS19903.7/5 Malibu Interactive
  • hioctane-04
    DOS19954.3/5 Bullfrog

    Hi-Octane is an abandoned futuristic combat racing game developed by Bullfrog and released by Electronic Arts in 1995. Hi-Octane was published for DOS and a few consoles: PlayStation, PSP, PS Vita, SEGA Saturn. It's based on the same code used for Magic Carpet, a well known game also made by Bullfrog.

  • highwayfighter-2
    DOS19954/5 Safari Software
  • highway-hunter-03
    DOS19943.2/5 Safari Software
  • hiredguns-6
    DOS19934/5 DMA Design

    Hired Guns is an abandoned game developed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1993 for DOS and Amiga platforms. Hired Guns is a sci-fi RPG in which you control four mercenaries in four individual simultaneous first person sub-screens tasked with destroying all the bad guys from a single planet.

  • hoverforce-4
    DOS19903.2/5 Astral Software
  • ihnom-4
    DOS1995protected4/5 The Dreamers Guild
  • ikari-warriors-2-03
    DOS19883.5/5 SNK Corporation
  • imperium-3
    DOS19903.8/5 Electronic Arts
  • impossible-mission-2-1
    DOS19884.3/5 Novotrade Software
  • inextremis-1
    DOS19933.5/5 Blue sphere
  • inca-2
    DOS19923.6/5 Coktel Vision
  • inca2-3
    DOS19944.2/5 Coktel Vision
  • iwar-1-02
    Windows XP/98/951997protected3.7/5 Particle Systems
  • iwar2-05
    Windows XP/98/952001protected4/5 Particle Systems
  • infestation-02
    DOS19904/5 Psygnosis
  • innocentcaught-1
    DOS19934/5 Divide by zero
  • interphase-01
    DOS19894.1/5 The Assembly Line
  • interpose-03
    DOS19963.3/5 Twilight Zone Software
  • invasionbatsdoom-1
    DOS19953.8/5 Pop Software
  • iron-blood-02
    DOS19964.1/5 Family Production
  • iron-seed-02
  • iskib-03